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Navigating USCIS’s New Policy on Biometric Services Appointments

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) recently introduced a streamlined process for rescheduling biometric services appointments. This policy guidance, effective from July 2023, delineates procedures related to biometric appointments at Application Support Centers (ASC) and clarifies the criteria for "good cause" rescheduling requests.

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Q: What should I consider before I hire a lawyer?

A: There are many things that should be considered before you hire a lawyer. Here are some factors that many clients feel are important:

a. Make sure what you hire is a licensed lawyer. A few states such as California allow non-lawyers to handle certain immigration matters. Some of these individuals advertise and present themselves as if they were lawyers while they are actually not. Before you hire a lawyer, it does not hurt to ask if he or she is a licensed lawyer.

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Q: I heard that some cases receive Request for Evidence (RFE), do you charge extra legal fees for answering RFE?

A: No. A majority of our cases have been approved without receiving Request for Evidence. However, if RFE is issued, we usually do not charge extra legal fee for answering it.

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Q: I know your reputation for providing personalized service, but some lawyers charge a lower attorney's fee. Can I receive a discount on attorney's fees?

A: A reasonable attorney's fee schedule is an important part of our commitment to serving talented individuals who deserve more than they have received due to their immigration status. We have been working hard to provide personalized legal service to our clients while keeping the attorney's fees reasonable. We know, however, our attorney's fee is not the lowest. The bottom line: we do not compromise the quality of our personalized service for unreasonably low fees. Doing this is against our professional ethics, and we do not believe that doing this is in the best interest of the qualified clients.

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Q: How does Attorney Z. Zac Liu's experience make a difference?

A: In legal profession, particularly in immigration law practice that involves many unpublished rules, regulations, and appeals decisions, a lawyer's real world experience makes a difference. As an immigrant, Attorney Z. Zac Liu, our founding attorney, went through every step of the immigration process. He understands how a green card matters to foreign individuals and their loved ones. As an experienced immigration lawyer, he has successfully represented numerous qualified individuals in their immigration petitions/applications. Driven by his experience as an immigrant, and equipped with his experience as an immigration lawyer, he has the enthusiasm, diligence, experience, and capability to pursue the best interest of each qualified client.

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Q: What services are typically provided on a regular basis?

A: At L&A, typical services in processing immigration case include answering clients’ inquiries, clarifying client's concerns, advising clients of their legal options and best approaches, drafting legal documents, preparing petition/application packages, contacting government agencies, and appealing to administrative boards and judiciary courts if necessary.

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Q: How are cases handled at LPY Law Group?

A: At LPY Law Group, you know from the very beginning of the process that an experienced attorney will personally handle your case and that you can talk to him or her when you have a question or concern by dialing the office toll free number (1.800.878.1807) or by sending an e-mail. Paralegals and legal assistants are assigned to handle clerical work only and are not allowed to discuss legal issues with clients.

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