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"All persons ought to endeavor to follow what is right, and not what is established." - Aristotle

At LPY Law Group, we are striving to do what is right rather than follow what is merely established, and we know that our clients are, too. We share with our clients the pursuit of rightful immigration in the face of the challenges imposed by the current U.S. immigration system. Serving clients in all 50 states, our firm has been pushing the limits of case approvals, having achieved thousands of Eb-1A, Eb-1B, and NIW I-140 immigrant case approvals in the past ten (10) years. We are happy to report for the past decade, we have attained an approximately 98.5% approval rate for NIW, 92.9% approval rate for Eb-1A, and 97.9% approval rate for Eb-1B, as well as a 97.7% approval rate for H-1B petitions, 89.4% approval rate for L-1 petitions, and 96% approval rate for O-1 petitions. Only through diligence, ours and yours, could this great success be possible.

Our clients are among the best and brightest individuals as scholars, researchers, scientists, entrepreneurs, and professionals who deserve the chance to follow their respective callings in the United States, and we are glad that USCIS has recognized them among the most extraordinary immigrants. If you are interested in joining this league of foreign professionals who have successfully obtained temporary work visas or permanent residency in the United States, you may contact us for a free evaluation. At LPY Law Group, we believe that, to serve the best, we must be the best. Although the immigration process may not be easy, together we will work to achieve what is right.

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Our Services

We offer comprehensive employment-based immigration services, from temporary work visas to permanent residency.

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