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Paid by Result, Judged by Quality

Our attorneys at LPY Law Group have been making every effort to provide high-quality legal service to our clients while keeping the attorneys' fee affordable and manageable. Our goal is that no qualified individuals lose their well-deserved opportunities of receiving immigration benefits due to financial concerns of hiring a competent lawyer. Hence, we seek to provide a straightforward fee arrangement in which the client pays us based on our results, not on promises.

Our preferred fee arrangement for I-140 petitions is to give clients one flat fee for the entire matter, a portion of which is paid as immediate compensation for the Attorney’s commitment to perform the legal services and a portion of which is held back by clients until the case is approved by the Department of Homeland Security, or by an administrative or judicial court. In the unlikely event that we do not win the case, clients keep the portion of the fee that was initially withheld.  In this way, clients specifically pay LPY Law Group for delivering the desired results and nothing less.

Our attorneys at LPY Law Group are dedicated to ensuring that our clients get what they paid for. When our clients pay the attorneys' fee, they pay for quality legal service provided by experienced lawyers. Our clients know from the very beginning of the process that our experienced lawyers, not assistants or secretaries, will professionally and diligently handle the case.

If you are interested in knowing if you are qualified for immigrant or non-immigrant applications and our fee schedules, you may e-mail your inquiry and resume or CV to evaluation@niwus.com. Upon receiving your inquiry, our attorneys will carefully review your resume and e-mail you a detailed evaluation result, a processing chart, and a service fee chart. The evaluation process is free.

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