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Q: What should I consider before I hire a lawyer?

A: There are many things that should be considered before you hire a lawyer. Here are some factors that many clients feel are important:

a. Make sure what you hire is a licensed lawyer. A few states such as California allow non-lawyers to handle certain immigration matters. Some of these individuals advertise and present themselves as if they were lawyers while they are actually not. Before you hire a lawyer, it does not hurt to ask if he or she is a licensed lawyer.

b. How much experience the lawyer has in handling the same type of cases. In the modern world, law practice, just like many other professions, is very specialized. If you hire a lawyer to handle your immigration case, be sure this is the area where he/she has expertise.

c. Whether the lawyer has a good reputation. A reliable source of hiring a lawyer is friend's referral. If your friend is satisfied with the lawyer's work, it is likely that you will be satisfied too. Internet provides another useful tool to check a lawyer's reputation.

d. What services the lawyer provides for the fee to be charged. Lawyers charge different fees often because they provide different services. Make sure you will get what you pay for.

e. Whether the attorney's fee is reasonable. While in many cases high price means better quality, this is not always true. On the other hand, if a lawyer charges an unreasonably low fee, you have a good reason to concern the quality of his/her work. The bottom line: do not make attorney's fee your only concern when you hire a lawyer.

f. Whether you communicate well with the lawyer. Effective communication is crucial in legal representation. Always talk to the lawyer over the phone before you determine to hire him/her. If you have difficulty to understand his conversation or if you feel something is lost in your communication, find another lawyer who can communicate with you in an effective manner.

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