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What if I have new information that may affect my eligibility for a waiver recommendation? Can I just send that to the Waiver Review Division and ask for a reconsideration of my previously denied application?

If you have already received a final determination from the Waiver Review Division that denies your request for a waiver recommendation, you will need to apply again from the beginning for a waiver recommendation. You can use this new information to support your reapplication. You will need to follow all of the procedures for reapplication that you followed for your first application, including paying the $215 fee. If your application is still pending with the Waiver Review Division and you have not yet received a final determination, you should send that information on to the Waiver Review Division for their consideration with your file. Please remember to write your waiver case number on any documentation you send and on the outside of the envelope.

When should I request an advisory opinion?
What is an advisory opinion for a waiver recommend...

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