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Testimonials From Clients

I want to express my deepest thanks for Liu & Associates, PLLC, especially Attorney Christina Le and Attorney Schroeder who did unbelievable and excellent works for helping my 140, our family's 601, and 485 respectively. That's huge tasks and the attorneys showed their wonderful professionalism and dedication. We have a pleasant communication with the attorneys without any delayed response. Besides, with reasonable charges for all services made us more comfortable. It's no doubt I am strongly recommending to my friends and colleagues. Again, I am on behalf of my family, show the greatest thank to Liu & Associates, PLLC  for your fabulous services! 

Excerpt from EB-1A, I-485, I-601 client's email (07/15/2020)

I had the pleasure to work with Liu & Associates Law Firms when I was applying for my family O1 visa as well as green card under company sponsor. During the application process I was amazed about the their excellent experience , outstanding service in helping my family from the preparation to the submission of the application for the green card. These factors are invaluable for any client. When the process with USCIS was going slow, they followed up with inquiries on my behalf and my green-card was received within 1year without  any delay. I highly recommend  Liu & Associates  team and  I hope to work with them to assist me when I will apply for my citizenship.

Excerpt from a O-1, NIW, and I-485 client's email (02/23/2020)

Thanks to your meticulous hard work and expertise, this difficult task has been accomplished. I cannot thank you all enough for pursuing it in the way you all did! In this process you have demonstrated such high standards of professional excellence that it has served as a motivation for me to raise my own expectatiosn from myself further.

Thank you for accepting this challenging case and pursuring it in a masterly fashion!

Excerpt from an Eb-1B client's e-mail (01/07/2015)

A sudden, huge relief of my anxiety that had built up within the past month, particularly after the RFE, occurred magically when I was opening your e-mail this afternoon.

With the approval of my Eb-1A I-140, the numerous nerve-racking moments that I had experienced finally went away. Now, my happiness is beyond the reach of words and I am full of deep sense of gratitude to you.

Please accept my most genuine compliment to you and Susan for the tremendous efforts you have spent on my case, and the exemplary professionalism you have consistently demonstrated since our initial contact with my initial inquiry for a free evaluation.

I recall vividly several constructive e-mail discussions through which I have gradually gained confidence and finally reached the point to file concurrently both NIW and Eb-1A. Your suggestion that I would have a fairly good chance is proved a sound one. Given my relatively small number of publications and virtually no awards, I knew my chance for an Eb-1A petition would be slim without your guide and expertise. Had I failed with the Eb-1A petition (a chance always exists in reality!), I would have to wait a probably much longer time for the approval of my NIW, then the desperately long queue for I-485 filing. Although a failure with my Eb-1A petition may not be a total disaster, it would make me feel very difficult (I mean mentally) to face those who enthusiastically provided me reference letters, especially, to many of them who have no personal relationship with me but gave me the much-needed support.

Thank you again for the approval of my Eb-1A petition, which I consider as a triumph for our joint efforts. I appreciate the “Thank You Note” sample you sent me, which again demonstrated your professionalism, thoroughness, and considerateness. By the way, please be free to use this e-mail wherever appropriate, as I have no reservation to recommend your exceptional service to others.

Excerpt from an Eb-1A/NIW client's email (05/15/2007)

I'm so excited that the case was approved in such a short time. I appreciate your effort, time and patience greatly!

This shows that I have chosen the correct law firm after contacting nearly ten firms. Your unusual experience plus philosophic accuracy plays a crucial role for the success!

Excerpt from an Eb-1B Client's email (06/05/2007)

I would like to express my deep appreciation on your kind assistance and hard work on my application. You are the best immigration lawyer and I will recommend you to all the people I know. Thank you so much.

Excerpt from a NIW client's email (08/29/2007)

Thanks very much for mailing me the I-485 approval notice. I have already received your FedEx and gotten this approval notice. Moreover, I have also received the green card from USCIS. I am pretty happy that my case went so smoothly due to your fullest endeavor and kind help. Totally, it takes eight month from submitting the application to receiving the card.

We are really grateful to your help in this issue and would be happy to have you help us in future if we would have further similar issues. We are and will be introducing your firm and your perfect service to our friends, and hope they may (like us) get success from your excellent service and fullest endeavor.

Excerpt from an Eb-1A/I-485 client's email (08/30/2007)

I want to take this opportunity to thank you very much for your competency in handling my NIW case. I am very glad to have been recommended to you. I am definitely going to recommend you to all my colleagues. I have been very impressed with the way you have handled my case, your speed, professionalism, and all answers to my questions.

Excerpt from a NIW client's email (05/15/2006)

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