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O-1 For Full-Time and Part-Time Positions

An U.S. employer can file O-1 petitions for qualified foreign workers. The employer can be a private company, a public or private university, a research institute, or a government organization, etc. The position offered can be full-time or part-time.

Here we provide two sample O-1 cases recently approved by the USCIS. The first case involves a full-time position in a private company, and the second case involves a part-time position in a public university.

Full-Time O-1 Sponsored by Private Company

Field of Study:              Chemistry
Major Credentials:        Ph.D. from a U.S. university
                                     Published a number of journal papers
                                     Cited approximately 100 times by other researchers
Employment:                Offered employment by a private research company
Position Offered:          Research Scientist
Premium Processing:   Yes
Filing Date:                   January 14, 2008
Approval Date:             January 18, 2008

Please click HERE to see the USCIS Approval Notice.

Part-Time O-1 Sponsored by Public University

Field of Study:                Civil Engineering
Major Credentials:          Ph.D. from a foreign university
                                       Published numerous journal papers
                                       Frequently invited to review papers by journals
Employment:                  Offered employment by a public university
Position Offered:            Visiting Professor
Premium Processing:     Yes
Filing Date:                     October 22, 2007
Approval Date:               October 24, 2007

Please click HERE to see the USCIS Approval Notice.

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