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Eb-1B Approvals in August 2014

This report includes one (1) Eb-1B I-140 case filed by LPY Law Group and approved by the USCIS in August 2014. We list the basic credentials of each case and hope our readers find the information helpful. For confidentiality purposes, a number is assigned to replace the petitioner/beneficiary's name in each case. It is our firm’s policy to hold the client’s information strictly confidential.


Compiled and briefed by Tiffany Heitman, Senior Legal Assistant at LPY Law Group.


Case #1

Case Type: Eb-1B I-140
Field of Research: Electrical and Computer Engineering
Current Position: Senior research engineer at a research institute
Major Credentials: Ph.D. from a U.S. university
Published 10+ journal and conference papers
Consistently invited to review the works of others
Cited approximately 60+ times by other researchers
Supporting Letters: 5 including 4 independent experts
Filing Date: February 26, 2014
Approval Date: August 15, 2014


For more approved cases, please see http://www.niwus.com/Approvals.html.

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